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Why Would you look for a Motivational Speaker in Amsterdam, the Netherlands?

If you are organizing an event, conference, or convention in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, then you will be focused on the venue, attendees, catering, and industry speakers, so looking for a motivational speaker might be low on your list. In this post, we will share reasons to include the right kind of motivational speaker in your line-up but first, let’s talk about Amsterdam as a conference venue.

Amsterdam as a Conference Location

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is an ideal location for your conference for many reasons, here are the top three.

  1. Amsterdam is one of the most innovative cities in Europe. Rich in creative industries including technology, life sciences, artificial intelligence, finance, and sustainability.
  2. Amsterdam is an international air hub with excellent physical and digital connectivity. High-speed train services to London, Paris, and Berlin provide fast and comfortable connections within Europe.
  3. Amsterdam has over 500 conference venues and the...
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The Most Powerful Leadership Phrase

"I've got your back" might just be the most powerful leadership and team-building phrase.

The effect of this phrase to encourage, empower, and build trust was recently highlighted by a member of a team that I lead. This individual, filled with enthusiasm, had bypassed a guideline and made a decision, that would normally be mine.

Roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities are important but in a startup or agile team that is 'falling forward,' it is also important to encourage ownership and progress over perfection.

Leadership is a Conversation

leadership is a conversation - Andrew Bryant SpeakerI believe that leadership is a conversation, a one-to-one conversation, or a one-to-many conversation. In the New Leadership Playbook, I outline twelve conversations that leaders need to have with their team or organization.

The conversations are guided by seven principles, one of which I have already mentioned, progress over perfection. Waiting for things to be perfect can stifle creativity and productivity. The leadership principle that...

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What I learned from Motivational Speaking in Helsinki, Finland

I recently returned from Finland, where I gave a keynote speech at a management conference. Since this was my first time speaking in Finland, I did extra research to ensure that my message was well-received by the audience of senior leaders.

Finland is the Happiest Country in the World

As of March 2023, Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world six times in a row. The World Happiness Report is based on ratings of self-reporting of their quality of life in various dimensions. I was curious to see whether Finns felt happy and so interviewed as many as I could about their ranking.

From taxi drivers to event planners and executives, I was curious how a country with a short summer and long winter could score so, highly.  

The taxi driver was incredulous about the results and showed me a foggy weather forecast to make his point, but then he was originally from Estonia so perhaps I should exclude his data!

The answer lies in what Finns don’t do rather than the...

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Friend or Foe? Understanding your Network

I'm not sure whether night sentries really call out, "Who goes there - friend or foe?" but I'm certain that foes don't announce their intentions before making an attack. The same is true in our personal or professional network.

Here's a hard truth, most of the people you know are neither friends nor foes, they are neutral. They will smile in the corridor, will nod in a meeting, and may even like your occasional post, but when push comes to shove and you actually need support, they are nowhere to be seen.

A true friend or ally will come to your aid in times of duress, even at personal or reputational risk. Such friendship should be nurtured and treasured. In my opinion, they are like owning priceless art, you must look after them, appreciate them, and you can't have too many or your attention will be diluted.

A foe in your network is easier to spot, as they will actively sabotage you whenever there is an opportunity. Your loss is their win. Such people see the world in terms of...

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Top 6 Public Speaking Skills Everyone in Leadership Must Master

Since the Ancient Greeks, oratory, public speaking, and debates, have shown the power of the spoken word to influence and make an impact.

Not everyone wants to be a Professional Speaker, but everyone can become more professional when speaking to an audience.

Public Speaking and Leadership

Effective communication is a vital skill that every successful leader must possess. Leaders can inspire, influence, and direct their teams to achieve organizational goals through communication.

Whether it is the company kickoff, a team meeting, or presenting to the board, leadership requires confident and effective public speaking skills. 

Leadership requires courage and so regardless of your level of comfort with public speaking, this is a pill you will have to learn to swallow if want to be successful. Having been a professional speaker for nearly 25 years and coached hundreds of people to speak with confidence and gravitas, this blog is designed to sugar-coat that pill. 

It Starts with...

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The Top 12 Things to Look For in a Global Motivational Speaker

motivational speaker Mar 18, 2023

When you're looking for a global motivational speaker for your company's event or conference, you want to make sure you find someone who can really make an impact. A top motivational speaker can give your audience the insights and boost they need to reach their goals in a complex global environment.

So, what should you look for when choosing a global motivational speaker? Here are the top 12 things to consider when selecting a top speaker for your event.

  1. Knowledge and Experience: It’s important to find a speaker who has a deep understanding of the subject matter and can provide insight and knowledge about their topic. Look for someone with years of experience across multiple cultures with engaging stories that reinforce their points.
  2. Passion and Enthusiasm: It should go without saying that a top global speaker should be passionate about their message and be able to captivate a diverse audience with their enthusiasm. They should be able to make the...
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Leadership Challenges for Technology Companies in 2023

Technology companies love to be ‘market leading’ and be featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant but despite cutting-edge technological advancements, unless the leadership of these companies addresses the people issues, growth will be short-lived.

Employee Burnout

In a recent research report “The State of Burnout in Tech”, 30,000 IT professionals were surveyed across 33 countries:

  • 56% of men and 69% of women can’t relax once their workday is over
  • 43% feel disengaged from their work, and 27% don’t see the value in it
  • 51% feel they are achieving less than they should

Tech burnout is caused by unrelenting stress and manifests as exhaustion, cynicism, and negative self-evaluation. The burnout problem stems from the early days of Silicon Valley, where working until you drop was a badge of honor.

The 'burn and churn' attitude of leadership has an actual human cost, with two out of five tech professionals, and 50% of IT security employees, suffering...

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International Women's Day 2023

"Can you speak on leadership as a woman?"

I recently received this request from the Executive Education department of a university.

Not being a woman but understanding the speaker's intent, I smiled and answered, "No", but having coached many women, I can talk about leadership challenges that women face.

International Women's Day

This being #InternationalWomensDay, I am going to be courageous and share some things that I believe should be part of the conversation, even though I am an older, white, male.

I am the son of a mother, brother to sisters, father to daughters, and husband to a wife. I have worked to advance women whenever and wherever I can. I have taught executive presence for women, I have mentored women, and I have taken a pledge to never appear on an all-male panel. My friend and colleague, Dr. Tanvi Gautam, says this makes me a #heforshe.

The number one thing that upsets me is women tearing down other women. If a woman is successful this should be celebrated because it...

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Top 5 Conference Keynote Speaking Topics for 2023

motivational speaker Mar 07, 2023

Getting the right keynote speaker on the right topic is key to a successful conference or event. Booking an Astronaut, TV Star, or Gold Medal Winner to speak, will almost certainly be inspirational, but will be expensive and not necessarily address some of the issues facing your company or your audience.

Mindset matters and so do insights and practical strategies that the audience can execute to make a tangible difference. The following list of topics and speakers was compiled to provide a balance of motivation, mission, and methodology. While no such list can be fully comprehensive and inclusive, we hope it triggers your critical thinking about selecting the right speaker and topic for your event.

1. Business Creativity, Change, and Innovation

Creativity is a critical business skill that will help us move forward. To manage change and be innovative we need ideas. Almost everyone agrees that creativity is important, but not everyone is confident that they are creative, and...

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How a Motivational Speaker Can Help You Engage Your Teams

Motivational speakers can be a powerful tool to help you engage your teams and create a positive, productive workplace. A well-known motivational speaker can help to inspire and motivate team members, helping to increase their motivation and performance. They can also provide valuable insight and guidance, helping to build team unity and create a sense of purpose.

Providing a New Perspective

Providing a new perspective is an effective way to engage your team and motivate them to achieve their goals. A motivational speaker with experience and deep insights brings a fresh outlook to the table and provides ideas for different tactics and strategies to facilitate your team to reach their goals.

They can challenge outdated thought processes and provide a new perspective on how to approach and solve problems. By introducing an outside expert, the team can gain valuable knowledge and ideas that can help them come up with innovative solutions. Additionally, the...

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