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Are you training leadership competencies
for a world that no longer exists?

As we emerge from a forced experiment in hybrid and remote work, it is essential to rethink the practice of leadership when employees have made it abundantly clear, through 'the great resignation', that they no longer want to be treated like machines.

Leaders must STOP broadcasting and START having meaningful 1-to-1 and one-to-many conversations. The New Leadership Playbook in-person and online programs coach twelve essential leadership conversations, based on the 2022 book by the self-leadership expert, Andrew Bryant, CSP.

"You can't lead others unless you first lead yourself"



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Leadership is the process of influencing others in a manner that enhances their contribution to the realization of group goals.

Effective Leadership is a function of the Leader’s Style, Followers' Motivation and Skills, and the Business Environment. This requires self-awareness, self-learning, and self-regulation, in short self-leadership. 

Developing self-leadership has been identified as important for the future of work. Research by the McKinsey Global Institute has looked at the kind of jobs that will be lost, as well as those that will be created, as automation, AI, and robotics take hold. And it has inferred the type of high-level skills that will become increasingly important as a result.

The research identified 56 Deltas ( a mix of skills and attitudes) across 13 skill groups and four categories. Digital fluency is not a surprise, but self-leadership accounts for twenty-five percent of the skills required. In addition, cognitive and interpersonal skills are enhanced with the practice of self-leadership.

Self Leadership International's founder, Andrew Bryant, has developed a Situational Judgment Test to measure the 3-core competencies of self-leadership; self-awareness, self-learning, and self-regulation. 

In addition, when working with individual leaders or executive leadership teams, he can utilize the latest psychometric tools to measure personality, leadership style, conflict and collaboration preferences, and derailing behaviors. These assessments inform the customization of any program.

Organizations that adopt and promote a self-leadership culture have greater employee engagement, collaboration, and readiness for change. Managers and leaders who have been coached, by Andrew have developed their executive presence and influence capital.

Andrew Bryant's self-leadership methodology has positively impacted individuals and teams from disruptive Silicon Valley software companies to complex multinationals.

"”Our world is evolving at an increasingly fast pace. Organizations are facing higher levels of disruption, uncertainty, and volatility in their environments. Teams and individuals alike are having to develop greater agility, resilience, and collaboration to succeed. This ‘next normal’ requires a revised playbook for leaders to grow, perform and thrive." - Manish Bundhun, Chief People Officer


Imagine all leaders and managers working from the same playbook, guided by principles, and having conversations that inspire accelerated results. 

Starting with the Executive Leadership Team, and cascading through the leadership levels of your company, this unique and wholistic program can be customized with the following:

🔶 A kickoff speech or webinar

🔶Facilitation for the Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

🔶 Coaching 1-to-1 with key members of the ELT

🔶 Workshops for managers focusing on 7 leadership principles, and 12 conversations (plays)

🔶 Video series for each of the plays, to be hosted by us or on your own LMS

🔶 A Copy of the New Leadership Playbook for each manager

🔶 Optional train-the-trainer program



Leadership has always been about delivering results. New Leadership is about balancing humanity with accelerated results. To achieve this, you need principles and plays that are effective and simple to apply. With leadership and personality diagnostics, in-person, virtual, and recorded content, and coaching, The New Leadership Playbook Program delivers on culture, connection, and collaboration.

You can contact us for a consultation, buy the book, or access the online learning. 

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Mathias von Bescherer 

VP, Global Lifecycle Management at Tech Data

"I have used Andrew Bryant’s services over a period of 5 years in Microsoft to support some very ambitious change management initiatives. His extraordinary communication and presentation skills, his rich use of language coupled with a very authentic style has made a very positive impact in our organization. Without hesitation, I would recommend Andrew any time, he clearly stands out as an inspiring leadership and transformational coach."

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Grant Halloran

CEO, Planful

"Andrew Bryant has produced results I had no idea were possible. Most importantly, I have grown my company’s revenues and profits significantly. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to any senior manager/exec who wants their personal soft-skills, or those of their top leaders, to become market-leading."


Executive Coaching for Senior Managers and Leaders

Executive Coaching assignments are typically 6 months and include:

🔶 A chemistry setting to discuss expectations and objectives.

🔶 Meetings with key stakeholders to discuss impressions and areas for development.

🔶 Psychometric Profiling to get insights on personality, leadership styles, and possible derailing traits.

🔶 Regular face-to-face or video-conference meetings for confidential coaching conversations.

🔶 Ad hoc or formalized 360 interviews.

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Dr. Tanvi Gautam

C-Suite Advisor & Global Keynote Speaker

"Passionate. Insightful. Practical. Three words come to mind when I think of Andrew's workshops. He has a knack for keeping participants engaged and his interactive style keeps an audience, be that 12 people or 12k people, eager to learn more from him. His high energy levels and customized presentations appeal to audiences across multiple levels. He is at ease working with a culturally diverse audience as is aware of nuances of learning that come from different cultural learning styles. I have seen Andrew in action more than once and each time it has been a great learning experience!"

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Shalmalee Vaidya

Market & Business Development Manager, ITW

"I have sat through many trainings and have witnessed some great presenters but when I took Andrew's leadership course, I was blown away and he influenced me for a lifetime. A very fundamental difference is that, Andrew coaches you in the moment. His ability to dissect your situation in the moment and coach you to a solution, is commendable. His command over the language, art of storytelling and power of 'listening' with utmost attention is phenomenal. Andrew's personality is charismatic, and he backs it up with a lot of research & understanding the core of leadership. Andrew makes a lot of sense and he undoubtedly is 'The Best' in this field !!"

Virtual Leadership Speaker and Coach

C-Suite Adviser, Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator and MBA Lecturer

Andrew Bryant has delivered leadership development and executive coaching on 5 continents in 20+ countries to 200,000+ executives. He is an expert on Self-Leadership, People and Culture and has designed and delivered solutions based workshops for various leadership topics for companies like; Deloitte, Red Hat, Microsoft, SAP and Singapore Airlines.

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Chakib Abi-Saab

Group CTO at OSM Maritime Group

"I had the privilege to see Andrew working first hand. I could immediately tell Andrew was not the typical speaker and realized why he has earned such a high reputation in the Asia Pacific market. Andrew has an unique ability to inspire and motivate people at all levels to perform and continuously improve. I highly recommend Andrew and feel confident he will always over achieve the expectations of him."

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Markus Karner

Academic Director, SMU-ExD

"Observing Andrew teaching leadership in action is a pleasure. His stories feel authentic, because his own behavior and personality reflect his teachings. Along the way, he makes some important points. For example, persuasion alone is not enough in leadership. Persuasion, as practiced in sales, might easily lead to buyer's remorse afterwards. To lead, you must influence other people's goals, and that is one step ahead of persuasion. - There is much more where this came from, and I can highly recommend Andrew on the topic of leadership."

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