Unlocking the Secrets of Personal and Professional Success

It is not uncommon for personal and professional success to be elusive. People describe being stuck, being overwhelmed, or facing a block when trying to scale themselves and their teams.

When locked into a pattern, it is natural to blame everything from circumstances to other people. Blaming, complaining, and a victim mindset can exact a terrible toll, but then comes an epiphany,

"What if it's me?"

It is a truism that you can't effectively lead others unless you first lead yourself, which is one of the reasons that in 2012 I wrote, 'Self Leadership - How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out". 

Healthy self-leadership is evidenced by results such as these,

"Self-leadership has produced results I had no idea were possible. I have grown enormously as an executive: my relations with my managers and staff are far more harmonious; I have been able to coach my team through significant personal development."   -  Grant Halloran CEO, Planful Inc

A Self-leadership Diagnostic

Diagnostic tests help us see the unseen. Just as we need an X-ray to confirm a broken bone, or a blood test to check for infection, we need a diagnostic to assess the health of our self-leadership.

Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling, and actions toward your objectives (Bryant & Kazan 2012)

 There are three behavioral sub-factors that contribute to self-leadership.

  • How healthy is your self-awareness?
  • How healthy is your self-learning?
  • How healthy is your self-regulation?

You might think you are a great cook, but the proof is in eating. We are all blind to our blindspots which could be the very thing that is holding us back from success.

Time and time again, when coaching managers and leaders, I have seen them locked into patterns that are holding them back. I, therefore, set about to create a diagnostic that would help them unlock their potential. 

With the support of Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Paul Englert, I developed the World's first Self-leadership Situational Judgment Test. Because self-leadership depends on context, participants are provided with video scenarios that portray situations that individuals might face at work. Each scenario is followed by a series of items that represent ways in which you could respond to the situation. Responses are then calibrated to make predictions about future performance.

Just reading the report reveals how you can unlock your personal and professional success, and you can also book a live feedback session with me to strategize your next steps to success.

In Conclusion

Neuroscience has now shown the reason behind the correlation between self-awareness and awareness of others. Failing to effectively read people and understand where they are coming from negatively impacts your ability as a manager or leader.

in this current age of rapid change and disruption, the ability to take feedback and adapt to new situations is an essential leadership skill, yet many have failed to embrace self-learning.

An early mentor of mine taught me that people are not logical, they are 'psycho-logical'. We respond to situations emotionally and are often triggered by things outside of our awareness. To build executive presence and influence, it is crucial that we master self-regulation.

My signature keynote speech, which I have delivered at Global conferences and events is called, 'Delivering Accelerated Results through Self-leadership'. This speech highlights the importance of leaders practicing self-leadership if they want to deliver accelerated results in this post-pandemic and AI world. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss booking me as a speaker or running a leadership program.






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