Virtual Leadership Speaker and Coach


Before the Covid Pandemic, my schedule was packed with travel, speaking, and coaching in multiple countries (see video above). Now, there is no travel, but as a Virtual Leadership Speaker and Coach, I can still make a difference from my home-office in Singapore.

Virtual Leadership Speaker

I don't call myself a futurist, but I have been predicting disruption for the speaking industry for some time. With this in mind, I began to set-up the means to deliver inspiration and information remotely from my computer and cloud-based software in 2017.  Now it's 2020 and I am glad I had the foresight and self-leadership to disrupt before being disrupted.

With a 2-PC setup,  I can broadcast leadership speeches, workshops, and coaching anywhere in the world. It's now not unusual for me to start my day coaching on the East Coast of the USA, facilitate a meeting in Silicon Valley, speak in somewhere in Asia and finish my day in India, Africa, or Europe.

All of this was possible before the 2020 Pandemic, but clients wanted in-person events and meetings. 

Leadership by Zoom

Zoom has emerged as the preeminent, if not the only, software for connecting to a distributed audience. Whilst a great tool, to really be leading edge, you need to master some other tech.

A good microphone and webcam are essential, but if you also need good lighting and a green-screen if you want to engage your audience.

Last week, I conducted a full-day leadership program for a class in Thailand and the engagement scores were super high. My secret? Treating the day as a 'production'.

This picture gives you an idea of the 'behind the scenes' set-up. I use Open Broadcast Software to create 'scenes' that can include a full speaker shot, speaker and PowerPoint, or just PowerPoint. The standing desk gives me the option to sit or stand. For a full day session comprised of 4x 1.5-hour sessions, it was good for the participants and me to change position.

Coaching Leadership

All the 'bells and whistles' don't mean a thing if you can't connect and create transformation. Having been a 'leadership and executive coach' for over 20-years, I know how important it is to help people to face the reality of their current circumstances, fully explore their options, make smart choices and take effective action towards their desired outcomes. This doesn't change regardless of whether we are virtual or in-person.


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