Office Politics - The Visibility Rule


To succeed in any organization, you must understand 'office politics'. The first rule is to be visible, doing good work is not enough if you're not associated with it. You must learn to shine.

Let me tell you about Chris who's an experienced pharmaceutical Healthcare Executive. He's delivered results as a sales head early in his career and had been moved to head office in Europe in an administrative role.

Chris made everything run smoothly. However, he did it in an under-the-radar manner, so when he wanted to step up to a country manager role he was not deemed ready.

Chris had not followed the first rule of office politics:  


The Visibility Rule

How could Chris have gained visibility instead of just quietly making things efficient?

  1. He could have first alerted Senior Management to the cost of the in efficiencies
  2. He could have let people know that he was going to resolve the issues
  3. H could have socialized the benefits of the Improvement in addition
  4. He could have been more vocal at in-person and virtual meetings.

The reality of the office environment is that if you do not offer opinion or personal perspectives, you're not offering value and will be considered light weight or even invisible.

So, are you ready to step up your visibility?

Before you do, I need to offer you a caveat: The moment you are visible, you are playing the game of office politics and you better know how to play.

You need to Shine but don't outshine.

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