How to Book The Top Motivational Speakers for Your London Events

Are you looking for the perfect motivational speaker to boost energy and motivation for your event in London? Keep reading for advice on how to find qualified, professional motivational speakers and ensure that your event is a success!

Begin with the End in Mind

Regardless of your industry or conference theme, when engaging a motivational speaker, you want to ask yourself, what will the audience takeaway be?

  • What will they think differently?
  • What will they feel differently?
  • What will they do differently?

An inspirational story is essential, but unless your speaker has an impact on the audience, it's not motivation, it's entertainment. So, define your objectives and then research the speaker's style to your event theme and outcomes.

Match Speaker Style to Your Event Theme

Motivational speakers come in different styles and with different specialties or subject matter expertise. Think about what type of energy or style you would like to influence the event – do you need an upbeat, talkative speaker to get the crowd fired up? Or perhaps someone with a more serious, educational approach is better suited for the event. Matching their individual style and content to your theme makes all the difference in delivering the right balance of engagement, insight, and inspiration.

Consider your budget for a Motivational Speaker

London is not a cheap location to hold an event; hotels and venues charge a premium for you to enjoy this iconic city. However, investing in a great environment with excellent food and beverage but having nothing left over for speakers does not bode well for a successful conference.

Celebrity speakers can charge upwards of 100,000 pounds and professional speakers range from five to thirty thousand pounds. Of, course you could always use internal speakers but remember the biblical observation that "a prophet in his own town can't do miracles."

Matching your London Event Budget to the Right Speaker

With the end in mind and an idea of your budget, you can begin matching Motivational speakers.

  1. Research speakers who match your criteria, using search engines, social media, speaker bureaus, and professional associations.
  2. Check the speaker's website and video to evaluate their speaking style and fit for your event
  3. Reach out to the speakers or their agents for availability, fees, and testimonials
  4. Book an online chemistry call to check if this is someone you can work with


Having been a professional speaker for over 20 years and the President of two Professional Speaking Associations, I have certainly seen the 'Good, Bad, and the Ugly' of motivational speaking.

Sometimes a great speaker, can 'bomb' if they are not a match for the audience, and sometimes a great event is ruined by poor speaker selection.

Professional speakers realize that their competition is not other speakers, but bad speakers who sour meeting planners from wanting to hire a motivational speaker for their next event. This is why I have coached and mentored up-and-coming speakers and work with only those speaker bureaus who carefully curate their offerings to clients.

Therefore, if you are looking for a motivational speaker in London, Lisbon, Stockholm, Barcelona, or anywhere Globally, I would welcome your inquiry, to see if we are a fit, or whether I can recommend someone for you and your event.





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