Leadership in Uncertainty and Rapid Change


Leadership is challenging at the best of times, but during periods of uncertainty and rapid change, it requires a special mindset.

In this video, part of my Leadership Accelerator Program, I talk about the 'Stockdale Paradox'. This term was used by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, after interviewing Admiral James Stockdale. Stockdale had been the highest ranking military officer held and tortured in the 'Hanoi Hilton', a Vietnamese Prison. Admiral Stockdale was shot down in during the war between America and Vietnam in 1965. He was held for 8-years with no certainty that he would survive, be released, or ever see his family again.

The Stockdale Paradox

The Paradox of Leading in Uncertainty is that you mus face the brutal fact of your current reality AND never lose faith that you will prevail.

Leadership in Uncertainty and Rapid Change

If you find yourself in a leadership position during uncertainty and rapid change, it is essential the you communicate clearly, consistently and with empathy.

Great leadership contain the following:

  1. Validation and belief in the capability of the people
  2. The Truth and the facts behind that truth
  3. A Vision of triumph through the current adversity

In times of uncertainty, people appreciate Articulate Leadership.


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