Executive Coaching for Leadership Development

Executive Coaching is effective for leadership development, because leaders require high levels of Self-awareness and behavioral flexibility.  

Executive Coaching comprises of a series of confidential conversations focused on facilitating strategic self-awareness about what underlies behavior, actions, reactions, and interactions. Coaching facilitates the 'coachee' to gain insights into how they execute business strategies, and manage change, conflict and people.

Having a trusted confident (Executive Coach), who can provide feedback and, through questions, clarify intentions, values and objectives is invaluable to a leader.

Without coaching, many executives plateau in their development of critical interpersonal and leadership skills, because they have been promoted for behaviors that are no longer effective at the leadership level.

The #1 Problem for Leadership Development

Leadership development is often hampered, surprisingly, by too much winning. People are promoted for results and those results create a mindset.

“I behave this way, and I am successful – therefore I must be successful because I behave this way.”

The reality is that we are often successful because we do many things right and in spite of the fact that we are doing some things that actually work against us.

An experienced Executive Coach can help a senior manager or leader to take a, sometimes uncomfortable, look in the mirror and adjust the mindsets and behaviors that are holding them back.

This transformation rarely happens in a classroom setting, as it requires a trusted relationship and the insight of a trained coach to spot limiting beliefs or outdated mental models that their 'coachee' might be holding on to.

Executive Coaching Results

In my 20-years as an Executive Coach, I have seen many reasons for an organization to invest in coaching. These include:

  1. Developing Executive Presence
  2. Gaining a Global Mindset
  3. Communication and Presentation
  4. Influence & Organizational Politics
  5. Cultural Awareness
  6. Bringing out the best in people
  7. Overcoming a derailing behavior

 "He (Andrew Bryant) is insightful, knowledgeable and extremely effective. He is an expert in self leadership, executive presence, emotional intelligence among many other management and leadership disciplines and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be coached by him. His practical approach to coaching together with the tools and tips he equipped me with have set me up with a solid foundation to grow and be confident in my career. I will forever be indebted to Andrew for his excellent coaching, guidance, knowledge and support." - Anjali Thalayasingam, IT leader

These results explain why smart companies are making Executive Coaching a core element of leadership development; whether that is when grooming a CEO successor or helping managers transition to leaders.

So coaching is now, no longer, a 'nice to have' leadership development activity, but an investment in people that delvers competitive advantage to the business. Coaching assignments should therefore be set up with clear expectations about behavioral outcomes and an accountability to deliver them.

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