The 5-Step System to Bring Back Your Motivation

motivation Mar 14, 2019

What happens when your motivation goes missing?

In this post, I’m going to share with you, how to find your motivation and how to get going -even when you don’t feel like it. Everyone has things they should do or things they must do, but don’t feel like doing. But you also have things you like to do and things you look forward to doing. So what’s the difference? What’s the secret?



It’s not unusual to struggle with motivation, you’re not alone. Let me share something with you, as well as being a Self-leadership coach, I’m also engaged as a motivational speaker. I have spoken to audiences as large as 12,000 and inspired them to take action. But, I’ve also had those days when I struggle just to get out of bed, days when taking a shower was a major achievement. Just this week the thought of going to the gym, something I usually like doing, seemed like it would be a Herculean task. But I went and I had a great workout anyway – “How?” You might ask.

Well, let me share a proven and psychological system to ‘reframe’ your resistance and do what you have to do especially when you don’t feel like it.


What do you expect to happen as a result of putting in the effort? In other words, will your effort lead to an increase in performance?

For example; “If I go to the gym do I expect it to be a miserable experience of pain or do I expect that going to the gym will make me feel better, be stronger and lift my mood?

The first expectation will not result in motivation, obviously. Whereas the second expectation is a good start. The reason this is so important is that brains are all about saving energy. Your brain does not want you to engage in any effort if there is no expectation of an increase in performance or results. So whenever you just don’t feel like it, the first thing I want you to do is this, Visualize a positive result.


You have to link your increase in performance to a reward. Rewards can be intrinsic like a sense of achievement or living your values or they can be extrinsic, like recognition or a promotion. The important part of Step 2, is that you link your reward for performance to something that is meaningful or valuable to you.

For example, if I get better at creating videos, like the one above, I can reach more people and impact more lives. So, whenever you’re putting off an activity I want you to ask yourself if I do this, and do it well. What short term and long term rewards will this generate for me?


You must be very careful about the way you speak to yourself. Your thoughts are the single biggest factor in your resolve, perseverance and ultimately success.

You visualize a positive result then link to a specific activity to a specific reward. Then you say to yourself, “I can do this” and “I deserve to live my life to the highest levels.” and “I deserve the rewards of performing this activity, I will rise to the occasion.”

The way you speak to yourself is a cause and effect relationship. A powerful tool to motivate yourself, every day.


Imagine an aircraft taking off all the energy’s expended on speeding down the runway to get a lift. For you to achieve success, your actions must be in-congruence with your thoughts. If you want to, metaphorically, take off.

Similarly, after visualizing a positive result linking that word to your performance increase and a positive inner dialogue you must get on the runway and take action. This is what separates the top 1 percent from everybody else around them.

Taking action on your goals and dreams is the greatest representation of your Self-leadership.


Whenever you follow through on your commitments. Be it, going to the gym or closing a business deal. You must celebrate. You are a Rock-star! You are moving towards your goals. Every little action you take gets one step closer to your goals and should be celebrated. You must honor your struggle and your resolve.


Here’s an example of how I use this system.

If I don’t feel like going to the gym, like this week. This is how I’m going to ‘reframe’ my resistance to that and get myself to have a great workout. First, I imagined my body getting stronger and how good I will feel after work. Then I connect it with my values of walking-my-talk as a self-leader.

Thirdly I say to myself, “I can do this. I make the choices in my life, I choose this.” Then I just go to the gym. And I have a great workout and when I finish I celebrate with a big breakfast. Today, it was a steak sandwich!


In what area of your life are you struggling to find motivation? Apply these five steps and be blown away with the results you will get!

Now, share this article with five friends because motivation is easier when you share your goals with those that are supporting you.

So what are you waiting for? And remember,

You can’t lead others unless you first lead yourself!

This is Andrew Bryant, the Self Leadership Coach. Until next time.

PS. Comment below if you have any questions and I’ll personally answer them.

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