The New Leadership Playbook

Being an effective leader or manager in a post-pandemic world goes beyond being good at what you do; it requires balancing empathy with accountability.

The New Leadership Playbook provides a practical guide to being human and understanding people whilst simultaneously driving for, and delivering accelerated results.

 It does this by sharing principles that work and plays to achieve success.

This is a book that you will not only read more than once, you will want each of your team to read and apply the tools within it.

Why a Leadership Playbook?

In sports such as American football, set moves are often called a play. The aim is to move the ball down the field, but there are various plays to achieve this. Coaches and players keep a record of these plays in a playbook, so that they can be learned, rehearsed and executed.

When you lead people, you need to understand the principles of leadership and have plays for your team to effectively execute and achieve objectives. The New Leadership Playbook contains twelve plays to develop your team and scale your organization.


Each play is effectively a conversation that the manager will have with their team. Starting with the why, establishing ownership, and being clear about objectives means everybody is aligned to the results.

Having conversations about confidence, collaboration, and decisiveness means everybody knows how to go about achieving the results.

Feedback, coaching and crucial conversations allow for course corrections and developing performances. 

Career conversations, identifying talent and strengths, and culture, ensure people are constantly growing in an environment that supports their growth.

Too many leadership books are theoretical, but plays are practical and actionable for even the newest manager, and when everybody knows and agrees on the plays, a strong culture is created.

The New Leadership Framework

The leadership plays are part of a leadership framework. This framework guides the execution of each play. 

I love playing chess. It’s a game of tactics and strategy, and it is also a great metaphor for life. To improve at chess, you start by studying openings, such as the famous Queen’s Gambit. The objective of the opening is to control the center, get the king safe, and achieve a playable middle-game position.

So, when you play chess, you have some lines (plays) in mind to achieve your objective. Memorizing opening plays is not enough to become a master; you must understand the principles behind each move.

New Leadership Playbook contains nine leadership principles, which frame the plays. You will discover that clear expectations positively influence mindset and motivation, which in turn influences the right behaviors that drive accelerated results.

This framing creates a multiplying effect, and when properly executed, will enable you to scale your results, your team, and your entire company.

Many leadership principles could be considered timeless, so why is a new framework required, because companies and leaders are struggling with updating their humanity to deal with work-from-home, the great resignation, and getting people back to the office. 

Who is the New Leadership Playbook for?

Written for the new or seasoned manager by, myself, Andrew Bryant - author, coach, and C-suite advisor who has worked with some of the best leaders and teams. 

This is a book for individuals who want to become better leaders, and for organizations that want to strengthen their culture and engagement of people.

My prediction is that you will not only read more than once, but you will also want each of your team to read and apply the tools within it.

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” Our world is evolving at an increasingly fast pace. Organizations are facing higher levels of disruption, uncertainty, and volatility in their environments. Teams and individuals alike are having to develop greater agility, resilience, and collaboration to succeed. This ‘next normal’ requires a revised playbook for leaders to grow, perform and thrive.

Through his work – The New Leadership Playbook – Andrew Bryant delivers an engaging, easy-to-read, and practical book for leaders, teams, and organizations to stay future-fit and play to their potential in today’s world. The models, stories, and lessons which Andrew shares through ‘plays and principles’ are the highlights why you should read and share this book in your journey to be a human leader delivering exceptional results.”

Manish Bundhun, Author of ‘Shots of Insights’ and ‘Disruptor’, Chief People and Transformation Executive, Executive Coach.





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