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In 2017 it was my pleasure to interview the legendary Brian Tracy on Self-leadership - a topic I have been speaking and writing about since 1999.

In case you don't know - Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker and self-development author of over 70 books. His popular titles include; 'Earn What You’re Really Worth', 'Eat That Frog!' and 'The Psychology of Achievement'.

Self-leadership Definition

You can watch the video of my interview of Brian above, and here is the transcript of his definition.

"Self-leadership is the starting point of everything. Self-leadership means that you decide exactly who you are and what you want, and then you write it down and you make a plan and a goal, and you work on it every day. And especially Self-leadership means you accept complete responsibility for your results and outcomes; you don't blame other people, you don't make excuses, you say, 'I am responsible", I'm in control, I'm in charge of my own life.'

And when you do that, it's the greatest source of personal empowerment that is possible as a human being. And every success authority, over the decades, has realized, that that is the starting point of everything. Without Self-leadership, nothing happens, and with Self-leadership, everything becomes possible."

This is an amazingly succinct and powerful explanation of Self-leadership. In our 2012 book on the topic, Dr. Ana Kazan and I described Self Leadership as;

"The practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and actions towards your objectives".

You can learn more about this definition, and the various components of Self-leadership here: This page also has a link to a free Master Class on building Self-leadership in an organization.

Building Self-leadership

Self-leadership is like our muscles, everyone has them, but not everyone builds them on a daily basis. Some train with intention and get strong, other's make excuses and get lazy.

In life there are choices and consequences - if you choose to build your Self-leadership, feel free to explore my blogs, YouTube channel and LinkedIn.

Andrew Bryant - The Self-leadership Champion


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