Goal Setting – A Self-leadership Worksheet

What was I thinking?
20-years ago I kept my goal setting, ideas, drafts for speeches, notes from courses and outlines for books in spiral bound notebooks. During a recent tidy-up I reviewed these notebooks and was fascinated to see how the ideas have become part of me and the goals have been achieved.

One of those goals was to write a book on Self-leadership. This goal was completed in 2012 and in Chapter 7, I share the Goal Setting Worksheet that I used.

I’m sharing it again here it here in my leadership blog, as I believe it’s important to look beyond the current situation and plan your future. I know I’m going to.

Goal Setting Worksheet

Self-Leaders set goals for themselves and through Self-observation and Self-feedback regularly achieve them. When you have a clearly defined intention you gain a laser like focus and act effectively. If you want to effectively and intentionally achieve a goal, the following process will put your goal into your physiology so that you will work on it unconsciously.

1. State the outcome in positive terms


What do you want to move away from?

What do you want to positively and intentionally achieve or experience? (Desired State)

Where are you now? (Present State)

2. Visualize your goal

What will you see, hear, and feel when you have achieved your goal?  Can you taste it?

3. Be specific

When will you achieve this goal?

Where will you be?

Who will be there?

4. Break it down into actions

What are the steps or stages involved in reaching this goal?

Have you broken each step down to a specific action or set of actions that are within your control?

What are these actions?

If there are actions required that are outside of your control, can you influence people to get them done?

5. Identify roadblocks

Does anything limit you achieving this goal?

Is this a reality or just your belief?

Has anyone else achieved this goal? What did they do?

What do you need to believe to achieve this goal?

6. Create an end point

How will you know that this goal has been achieved?

When will you feel satisfied?

How will you celebrate or reward yourself for achieving this goal?

7. Get motivated

How bad do you want it?

Can you feel this goal pulling on you?

Have you told other people you have committed to achieving the goal?

Reward yourself for hitting milestones towards the goal.

Now set your own goals and be pleasantly surprised at how quickly this process works.

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