Self Leadership - 12 Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life & Business

Self Leadership Book

Get greater control of your life and career with this easy to read, and yet profound handbook.

Explore your Self-awareness, expand your Self-Confidence, build your Self-Efficacy, whilst you learn to set your intention for greater influence and impact.


"This is an excellent, thought-provoking, and practical book about how we can lead ourselves better. I really appreciated that it was written so concisely, meaning it can be read in about an hour, but with tonnes of great takeaways, such as:
- The importance of digging deeper into why I do what I do… asking why I do it, then why is that important… and why is that important, and so on. - - - Understanding that beneath a surface goal, there are deeper driving motivations (e.g. beneath money, is desire for security, etc).
- The importance of understanding oneself for work success
- Definition of self-confidence, as being able to walk into a room and not compare ourselves to others
- Failure is a chance for feedback
- Likewise asking clients, and teams, why their goal is important to them."


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