"Written with deep insight, heart, and humor, Andrew Bryant has unpacked theory into practical plays you can immediately apply to lead yourself and others to higher ground." - Dr. Margie Warrell


Leadership has always been about delivering results. New Leadership is about balancing humanity with accelerated results. To achieve this, you need principles and plays that are effective and simple to apply.

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He did it again!

"Once again Andrew Bryant wrote a book that is eye-opening, practical, easy to read, fun, to the point, and future oriented. 

I read Andrew´s book on Self-Leadership, close to 10 years ago and I can honestly say that it changed my life, made me a better leader for myself and a better leader for others.

In this book, The New Leadership Playbook, I believe Andrew will improve many individuals´ job satisfaction and therewith their quality of life. By, in a playful way, showing leaders how to be better leaders, for themselves and for others; employees, organizations, and communities."

- Herdis Pala Palsdottir, Experienced Leader, Management Consultant

The Third Book in the

Self-Leadership Series

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” Our world is evolving at an increasingly fast pace. Organisations are facing higher levels of disruption, uncertainty, and volatility in their environments. Teams and individuals alike are having to develop greater agility, resilience, and collaboration to succeed. This ‘next normal’ requires a revised playbook for leaders to grow, perform and thrive.

Through his work – The New Leadership Playbook – Andrew Bryant delivers an engaging, easy-to-read, and practical book for leaders, teams, and organizations to stay future-fit and play to their potential in today’s world. The models, stories, and lessons which Andrew shares through ‘plays and principles’ are the highlights why you should read and share this book in your journey to be a human leader delivering exceptional results.”

Manish Bundhun, Author of ‘Shots of Insights’ and ‘Disruptor’, Chief People and Transformation Executive

About the Author

Andrew Bryant is the founder of Self Leadership International selfleadership.com, and the world’s leading expert on self-leadership. He has written two books on the topic, Self Leadership: How to be a more successful, efficient and effective leader, from the inside out, (Bryant & Kazan, 2012), and Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life & Business, (Bryant, 2016), as well as contributed to many blogs, books and articles on self-leadership, and leadership.

More importantly, he has coached hundreds of leaders, and leadership teams to become the best version of themselves, and to scale their companies. He has truly international experience with clients from, Asia, Australasia, USA, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.

Andrew Bryant has worked with the Leaders of some of the World's best companies

Grant Halloran, CEO of Planful, uses the plays from this book and says,

"Culture is what makes the difference between good companies & great companies."

"Andrew is easily the most outstanding consultant I've met in the field of personal communications, leadership, and executive development."

"The work he did with me was truly transformational and contributed to extraordinary business results in the ensuing years. There is no question in my mind that the work he does has a very real impact on financial performance of a business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew to any senior manager/exec who wants their personal soft skills, or those of their top leaders, to become market-leading."

Radu Palamariu — Talent Connector - 11k| Managing Director South East Asia | Global Logistics & Supply Chain Practice Head | Entrepreneur

  “Andrew has been instrumental to my career development and growth.”

“Andrew taught me so much: how to think strategically and build long-term, solid partnerships with clients, how to identify the client’s needs and offer lots of value for the organisations, how to speak with C-level executives, how to navigate corporate structures… and the list goes on!

He helped equip me with strong management, coaching, and team leadership skills, and gave me the opportunity to learn from top-performing teams he was coaching.

Most importantly, he gave me a lot of trust that if I believed in myself, I could achieve great things. Andrew has been instrumental to my career development and growth.”

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