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"If That's You...I Will PERSONALLY Mentor You into Self-Leadership & Guide You to Achieve Your Goals In Career, Life & Relationships Using Executive Presence"



If you're under the impression that even if you get selected, you won't be able to afford this, drop that thought right now. I and my team have decided to make this very affordable & a great investment for all selected candidates.

What Executive Presence is NOT?

"I lack the courage, focus and leadership to stand up for myself. I am a silent presence in most gatherings as people don't give me attention."


"My self-doubt & low self-esteem are robbing me of the success I deserve."


"Even though I've been successful, so far, and believe I'm a valued member of my organization, I still wonder, do I really have what it takes to make it to the top?"


"I am capable of great things and I get great feedback. But, somehow, I make things difficult for myself. I compare myself to others and always focus on what I don't have." 


"I initiate projects but never complete them as I constantly look for approval, because I live my life in constant fear of failure"

Executive Presence is the ability to project confidence, gravitas and poise under pressure.

When I have Executive Presence...


"I will silence self-doubt and have nerves of steel around senior people and those that, in the past, intimidated me."


"I will take my fate, actions & results into my own hands."


"I will lead the room with 100% confidence - speak up, command respect & attention from clients and leadership executives."


"I will influence decision-makers to invest in my ideas, innovations & initiatives."


"I will present & execute with absolute confidence, clarity & charisma to achieve professional & personal greatness."


"I will manifest my own engine & platform for success, influence & prosperity."

"Andrew is easily the most outstanding consultant I've met in the field of personal communications, leadership, and executive development. For a period of 2 years he was my personal Exec Coach before moving his HQ to Singapore. The work he did with me was truly transformational and contributed to extraordinary business results in the ensuing 5 years. There is no question in my mind that the work he does has a very real impact on financial performance of a business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew to any senior manager/exec who wants their personal soft skills, or those of their top leaders, to become market-leading. "

Grant Halloran
CMO OmniSci

"Observing Andrew teaching leadership in action is a pleasure. His stories feel authentic, because his own behavior and personality reflect his teachings."

Markus Karner
Academic Director at SMU-ExD Executive Development

"It has been my pleasure to work with Andrew Bryant as a coach, consultant and speaker. His insightful ability to understand business, people and culture has helped myself and my organization to ‘punch above our weight’. I can comfortably say, I am a more confident and strategic leader as a result of working with Andrew."

Gavin Hayes
Senior Manager at Beazley

"How to become a successful, sustainable, Leader, be able to inspire and motivate others without any effort and turn everything you touch into gold? Just let Andrew have at least one session with you, and you will be able to see how powerful and irresistible you are. His talks are not only motivational (because motivation dies without action), they make you create an immediate strategy for success and start getting your things done."

Dinara Tagirova
Executive Producer at The Final Word

"Andrew is an outstanding professional coach and leadership trainer. His warm & engaging approach provides support to you throughout but also brings appropriate challenge and enquiry. Andrew's attention to you as the client ensures that you achieve self-leadership whilst developing awareness of your skills and impact. I would have no hesitation recommending Andrew to clients and colleagues alike. "

David Goddin
Head of Talent and Organisation Development at AB Agri

"Andrew is the guy to go to if you feel stuck, you know you are stuck, you know you can do better but you don't know what to do about it. This is where I was in my work. Until I met Andrew. His observations about me were not pleasant, but they were true! I digested it, worked on it and it brought me to the next level in my business. Thanks Andrew."

Founder of Economica Action Pte Ltd

"Andrew Bryant is a masterful coach - after working with him for just a few short hours on my ‘Executive Presence’, I was much more comfortable and confident in front of an audience and was delighted to receive applause. The butterflies in my stomach have dropped to the heels of my feet, and the busy content in my head has settled comfortably into my heart for effective sharing and engagement."

Melvin Lau
Assistant Manager, Human Resource Development at Greatearth Pte Ltd (Corporate)


If you're under the impression that even if you get selected, you won't be able to afford this, drop that thought right now. I and my team have decided to make this very affordable & a great investment for all selected candidates.


Global Expert on Self Leadership & Leading Cultures | Best Selling Author | TEDx Speaker |

Delivered Programs in 20+ Countries on 4 Continents to 100,000+ Individuals.

Andrew Bryant is the author of ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012) and the Best-Selling, ‘Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life and Business’

He is a Past President of the Asia Professional Speakers Association, and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). He is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and upholds the ethics of the International Coach Federation.

Organizations like Red Hat, Visa, Microsoft, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, DELL, Deloitte, AMP,
Merck, HP, Anglo American, Cartier, Philips, Nokia, RBS Coutts, Dentsu-Aegis Network, Pall and
Singapore Airlines regularly call on Andrew Bryant when they want to take their managers and
leaders to the next level.


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