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Coaching Clients


Below are 2-ways to work with me.

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Over the Next 4 Months, I Will Be Your Personal 'Chief Leadership Officer' & Give You the Confidence, Executive Presence & Influence to Fulfill Your Career Ambitions, Including Your Path to the C-Suite.

1x Investment of $12,000


  • 3 Private Coaching Calls / Month
  • Psychometric Assessment and Debrief
  • Leadership Accelerator Online Library
  • Executive Presence Accelerator Course
  • Optional Participation in Group Coaching
  • 4 Months Program with an optional extension by monthly subscription.
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4x Payments of $3,250


  • 3 Private Coaching Calls / Month
  • Psychometric Assessment and Debrief
  • Leadership Accelerator Online Library
  • Executive Presence Accelerator Course
  • Optional Participation in Group Coaching
  • 4 Months Program with an optional extension by monthly subscription.
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Online Resources to Support your Learning and Transformation


The Leadership Accelerator Program is a mini MBA on Leadership with recorded talks and lectures I have given to top clients and universities.

You will learn about Leadership in Times of Crisis, Articulate Leadership, Story Telling, and how to be a Decisive Leader.

You will also have access to my Self-leadership Accelerator Program.

Grant Halloran, CEO of Planful, uses the plays from this book and says,

"Culture is what makes the difference between good companies & great companies."

"Andrew is easily the most outstanding consultant I've met in the field of personal communications, leadership, and executive development."

"The work he did with me was truly transformational and contributed to extraordinary business results in the ensuing years. There is no question in my mind that the work he does has a very real impact on financial performance of a business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew to any senior manager/exec who wants their personal soft skills, or those of their top leaders, to become market-leading."

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If you are not ready to invest in 1-to-1 Coaching then the C-Suite Accelerator Group Coaching Program is for you.

This is an 8-Week Group Coaching Experience to Help You Get Back to Back High Paying Promotions, Multiply Your Income & Rise Up the Corporate Ladder Faster Than You Ever Imagined!

Group Coaching - 1x Investment $4,997


  • 8 Weeks of Group Coaching
  • Mastermind Community
  • The Self-Leadership Accelerator Online Course
  • The Leadership Accelerator
  • Optional monthly subscription at Course end
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You will soon be enjoying the results of some of my previous coaching clients...


When he came to me, he was a VP for a ground-handling company.

He was very creative and solution oriented, but by his own admission, struggled to get his ideas across.

After working with me, he is now an award-winning CEO of a Joint Venture between his companyand a major airline.

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When he came to me, he was a GM of Marketing.

Stephen was very focused on his area of business and his boss told me that because of this he was perceived as a specialist not yet ready for a global leadership role.

After working with me, he grew his Executive Presence and is now a Global Director.

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Vijay Venkatraman

Senior Product Designer, VMware

"Transitioned from a Design Guy to an Executive Design Leader"

"This training has been a fantastic investment of both my time and money. The one idea that really stands out is the central message “Change the frame and you change the game!”. Ever since, I’ve shifted my perspective and behavior to align with executive presence, I’m seeing tangible and rapid growth in my leadership journey."

"I’ve transitioned from purely doing hands-on work to a mix that involves delegation of responsibilities!"

"The calm demeanor or gravitas that I’m beginning to embody more with each passing day is transforming at a psychological level to prepare me for the leadership role in the months to come. My vessel of confidence is increasing as a result and I feel I’m at the cusp of breaking into a leadership role."

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Cindy Tien

Professional Speaker, Coach & Executive Trainer

"The program will enable you to live your best self to the fullest potential!"

"I signed up for the Executive Presence program as I wanted a deeper understanding of how I can project myself with confidence and influence from the inside out."

"After completing this program, I speak up and share my perspective(s) when I have them rather than keeping quiet. I've got stronger ability to ask for what I want and to say no to what I don't want. "

"Do it! The program will enable you to live your best self to the fullest potential. Gift yourself this wonderful gift, the world needs to see your brilliance!"


When he came to me, Nicholas was a Senior Manager, managing 2000 security staff.

Despite already having great leadership and communication skills, he was keen to see how he could take these, and himself to the next level.

Working with me, he achieved his goal of ‘Stepping up’ and moving to a new company as Head of Strategy and Ops, Trust, Identity and Safety.

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When she came to me, she was being undervalued & overlooked as a Project Manager in Singapore.

She’d almost given up and was on her last fumes of confidence.

After working with me, she got a new job and a BIG promotion and is now in San Francisco managing a $1 Billion Dollar Infrastructure Project.

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Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandran, PhD

Science Manager & Communicator I Speaker- *Productive Life* I Author & Blogger

"This coaching addresses the very issues that prevent an individual from being their best at all times"

"Andrew’s coaching on Self-Leadership and Executive Presence has been transformational for me. I decided to sign up for his course as I have watched Andrew in this space for long and was convinced he is the right coach for me. I say transformational because his coaching addresses the very issues that prevent an individual from being their best at all times irrespective of qualifications/professional level."

"I can see myself expressing fully, without being self-conscious/holding back. He is very responsive to questions and is very committed to his clients’ progress. I strongly recommend Andrew Bryant!"

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Shalmalee Vaidya

Market & Business Development Manager, ITW

"I have sat through many trainings and have witnessed some great presenters but when I took Andrew's leadership course, I was blown away and he influenced me for a lifetime."

"A very fundamental difference is that, Andrew coaches you in the moment."

"His ability to dissect your situation in the moment and coach you to a solution, is commendable. His command over the language, art of storytelling and power of 'listening' with utmost attention is phenomenal. Andrew's personality is charismatic, and he backs it up with a lot of research & understanding the core of leadership. Andrew makes a lot of sense and he undoubtedly is 'The Best' in this field !!"


When he came to me, he was a VP of Revenue Operations.

He wanted to discover the missing element that could get him into the C-Suite quickly, instead of stagnating at the VP-Level, waiting for his turn.

While working with me, in less than 7 months Rowan secured a C-Suite Marketing role in an exciting Tech Company.

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When he came to me, Daniel was a Lead Technology Architect for a mining company.

Daniel was ambitious to get to the C-Suite, but knew he needed to develop himself and his leadership.

Working with me and without investing in fancy degrees, but with practical actionable advice, Daniel has achieved his goal and is now Director of Global Technology for a rapidly expanding company.

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Poi Toong Tang

Market Access Director at Rockwell Automation

"I am now complete"

"My inner narrative told me that I do not deserve to be where I am today. I was unhappy, frustrated and sad. In open settings, I would disappear away from everyone, no one would take notice of my presence and when I do speak, I wasn’t taken seriously." 

"Now, much more than ever before, my presence is felt, acknowledge and encouraged by my colleagues and bosses."

"I am no longer apologetic and have the confidence to express myself.  I am no longer afraid to be vulnerable even in front of senior leaders in my organization."

"By growing my Executive Presence, I’m going to influence and impact and everyone around me."

Radu Palamariu is now a Managing Director at Alcott Global

When he came to me, he was working for a non-profit and I hired him as a BDM.

His biggest problem was talking to senior people and owning his presence, and I went beyond a boss to become his coach.

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When she came to me, she was a program manager in the Healthcare Unit of a software company.

She was struggling with self-belief but was very good at self-criticism, despite being the leading woman in her field.

After working with me, she got 3 back to back promotions & is now the Head of Delivery - Enterprise Apps Group.

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Ron Kaufman

World's #1 Educator & Motivator for Uplifting Customer Service

"Andrew is a professional's professional who has grown in depth, maturity, and wisdom across the years."

"There is no short cut to living a deeply committed life, caring enormously about others, and taking actions that challenge you to be the best you can be, and become even better over time. Personally, I am looking forward to Andrew's most influentially lasting work, which will be the legacy he will be known and cherished for...even more than he already is."

Andrew Brown is now a Director at Adaptive Cultures

When he came to me, Andrew was an L&D Manager at AXA.

Andrew was keen to learn Communication, Influence and Entrepreneurial Skills.

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Dinara Tagirova is now the Founder of WhySoDigital

When Dinara came to me, she was working as BD Project Manager for Directive Communication.

She was not aware of her own power and influence and so was being remunerated way below her worth.

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Dr. Tanvi Gautam

C-Suite Advisor & Global Keynote Speaker

"Passionate. Insightful. Practical. Three words come to mind when I think of Andrew's workshops."

"He has a knack for keeping participants engaged and his interactive style keeps an audience, be that 12 people or 12k people, eager to learn more from him. His high energy levels and customized presentations appeal to audiences across multiple levels. He is at ease working with a culturally diverse audience as is aware of nuances of learning that come from different cultural learning styles. I have seen Andrew in action more than once and each time it has been a great learning experience!"

David Goddin is now an Organisation Performance Director at AB Agri

"Andrew is an outstanding professional coach and leadership trainer.

His warm & engaging approach provides support to you throughout but also brings appropriate challenge and enquir, you as the client ensures that you achieve self-leadership whilst developing awareness of your skills and impact.

I would have no hesitation recommending Andrew to clients and colleagues alike."

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Manish Bundhun is the Chief HR Executive at Rogers

After coaching him on developing Executive Presence and Self-Leadership, Manish went on to become one of best performers in his divison and rose to the C-Suite at Rogers.

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Chakib Abi-Saab

Group CTO at OSM Maritime Group

"I had the privilege to see Andrew working first hand. I could immediately tell Andrew was not the typical speaker and realized why he has earned such a high reputation in the Asia Pacific market.

"Andrew has an unique ability to inspire and motivate people at all levels to perform and continuously improve."

I highly recommend Andrew and feel confident he will always over achieve the expectations of him."

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Markus Karner

Academic Director, SMU-ExD

"Observing Andrew teaching leadership in action is a pleasure. His stories feel authentic, because his own behavior and personality reflect his teachings. Along the way, he makes some important points. For example, persuasion alone is not enough in leadership. Persuasion, as practiced in sales, might easily lead to buyer's remorse afterwards. To lead, you must influence other people's goals, and that is one step ahead of persuasion. - There is much more where this came from."

"I highly recommend Andrew on the topic of leadership."


Sandeep Hajra is now the Managing Director at Waldner India (P) Ltd

When he came to me, he was a Business Manager at Merck Millipore.

I coached him to overcome his limiting beliefs and transition into a mature leader using Self-Leadership & Executive Presence.

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Philip Beck 

Chairman, Dubeta


"If you want to take control of your life, your career and your work, Andrew is definitely the man to help you. He is a master at helping people and companies identify and break down the barriers to success, that block them from realizing their full potential, with incredibly practical solutions and insights."

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Michelle Duval

CEO, Founder, Footprint for Success


"I have known and witnessed Andrew Bryant since 2002; as a passionate and entertaining speaker, engaging and provocative trainer and coach, pioneering business leader, and as a devoted husband and father. Andrew has a rare talent of synthesizing relevance out of multiple disciplines and complex theories, ensuring learning is fun and efficient, yet deep and thorough. Andrew’s high integrity, ecology and entrepreneurial vigor have made him a internationally sought after expert."

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Natalie Williams

Director - Analytics & Insight Driven Insurance at Deloitte UK


"Having worked in the conferencing and events industry for quite some time, claims of ‘engaging’ and ‘cutting edge content’ from professional speakers can end up to be nothing more than rhetoric. Not so with Andrew! Commanding the stage for start to finish, filling the room with energy, all whilst imparting practical strategies and tools for our senior business audience, Andrew really set the tone for our 3-day show and made a big impact on our audience."

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Daniel Levey

GM APAC, Worldwide Business Research


"I engaged Andrew Bryants services for 4 large-scale conferences in Singapore. He stands out from the other speakers on the circuit due to his professionalism and ability to engage audiences across industries. He has brought so much to our conferences from his energy, enthusiasm and belief and the delegates left his session engaged and energized. I look forward to work with him again and highly recommend him to other organizations"

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Gautam Ganglani

CEO, Right Selection Speakers Bureau


"He is a dream to work with for any Speakers Bureau. The feedback was absolutely outstanding, we had people from the audience come up to Andrew after his talk and appreciate the simple and actionable value he delivered. He works hard to customize and create a mesmerizing experience and add tremendous value to the conference."

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Shanggari Balakrishnan

CEO at Mors Group


Andrew Bryant has got the right mix of wit and content that makes his keynotes apt and completely applicable to your day-to-day works. Any corporates looking for programs to bring about new energy and vision to the team, and if Andrew is on it, go for it, you'll be glad you did."

"I had Andrew to lead a half day training session on Leadership for CEOs across Asia - no one left the room till the end of the day"