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AMPLIFY: Your Voice, Visibility and Vision 



You work hard. You have some of the best ideas. You deliver results. You think you will get the top job. Right ? Wrong! 

If you don’t know how to share your ideas with impact and get your point across in high stakes situations be that to internal clients or external ones, be that your team members of your immediate boss, it won’t get you very far.

 Individuals who are put in top jobs know how to hold their view point, stand on stages big and small and present their ideas in an engaging and impactful manner. They also know how to deal with interruptions, push back and unexpected questions while they are at it. 

In other words these women not only know who they are, what they want, they know how to say it with conviction, courage and clarity.

Amplify your voice visibility and vision with Andrew Bryant and Tanvi Gautam

Amplify: Your Voice, Visibility and Vision

An extremely rare opportunity to work with two of Asia’s top executive coaches, thought leaders and global keynote speakers who have for decades coached women like yourself to step into a bigger game. Dr. Tanvi Gautam & Andrew Bryant, CSP. 

2 Ted-X speakers who normally coach the C-suite to take the big stages come together for a never before program just for women game changers.

Tanvi Gautam

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

Work with leaders across the globe helping them raise their potential as impactful, authentic, engaged and inclusive leaders.

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Andrew Bryant, CSP

Executive Coach and Global Expert on Self-leadership, Certified Speaking Professional. Andrew helps leaders be seen and be heard. 

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Andrew Bryant Executive Coach
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Step into your power - with authenticity- and own the stage to make the impact you truly deserve

From boardroom meetings to client pitches or even that annoying performance review, it is not just what you say but how you say it that matters!

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Michelle Nunis, Former CMO Pepsico-Malaysia

"Inspirational. Practical. Unapologetic. Passionate. Supportive. These are just a few truths in describing the wonderful individual that is Dr. Tanvi. If you ever get the chance to work with her you will truly expand both your mindset and skillset."

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Michelle Duval CEO, Founder, Footprint for Success

"I have known and witnessed Andrew Bryant since 2002; as a passionate and entertaining speaker, engaging and provocative trainer and coach, pioneering business leader, and as a devoted husband and father. Andrew has a rare talent of synthesizing relevance out of multiple disciplines and complex theories, ensuring learning is fun and efficient, yet deep and thorough. Andrew’s high integrity, ecology and entrepreneurial vigor have made him a internationally sought after expert."

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Natali Song, Community Manager at JLL

"Dr. Tanvi's feedback was thoughtful, insightful and inspiring. Her comments not only helped me to reflect both the content and delivery of my speech, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses as well as suggestions on how my chosen subject would evolve. She would definitely make an excellent mentor for anyone who is interested in becoming a Keynote Speaker or looking to take their speaking career to the next level."

In this program you will learn:

The most powerful tools and strategies to amplify your vision voice and visibility, for an impactful career and leadership journey. 

Over the 2-days we will deep dive into 3-core areas of mastery and you will revieve expert live coaching to take your game to the next level.

Executive Presence

Project gravitas, confidence and poise under pressure. Executive Presence is the 'Secret Sauce' for career success. You will learn:

  • Access your 'Vessel of Confidence' so you will never lose your nerve
  • Read the room to navigate people and politics
  • Frame yourself as a though-leader and change maker that everyone wants to work with

Strategic Storytelling

The leaders who will rule the future will be the ones who can tell a better story. In this module you will learn:

  • How to avoid fatal flaws of new storytellers and secrets of powerful storytelling
  • Top 3 secrets of the most viewed Ted talks so your talk is never ignored
  • Critical tweaks to integrate story and data to make a powerful & compelling case for your ideas to clients and stake holders 

High-Stakes Presentations

Whether in a 1-to-1 conversation, a team meeting or a client event, we are always presenting ourselves and our ideas. Learn:

  • How to prepare your message to to land with impact
  • To master the craft of powerful delivery
  • Inspire your audiences to shift the mindset and take action


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