Leadership Development Curriculum

When the leader’s job is finished, the people say, “We did it ourselves.” – Lao Tzu

Leadership development is not an event but a series of experiences that develop leadership thinking, feeling and behaving. Effective leaders connect people to a common purpose,  and create an environment (culture) that empowers and encourages high performance (results).

Leadership Development Competencies

Leadership Development

Our program is grounded in adult learning methodology, and our leadership competencies start with self-leadership to ground the leader with self-awareness and self-responsibility. We then explore people leadership, opportunity leadership and change leadership.

The program combines class room learning with coaching and participant learning activities which connect each module and promote the integration and application of knowledge.

Depending on the organization a program will be 9 to 18 months – we can advise on this during our initial consultation and assessment.

Our modular trainings and solutions fit into the program (with some overlap) as follows:

Personal Power
(Self Leadership)
Team Leadership
(Personal Leadership)
Business Leadership
(Opportunity Leadership)
Strategic Leadership
(Change Leadership)

Please contact us to discuss how we can design deliver a program to enhance your organization’s leadership competencies.


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