Leadership Development in Singapore

Leadership Devleopment in Singapore

Leadership development  initiatives are often a waste of time and money because they don’t deliver results. Organizations tend to measure people in terms of performance and potential and so any investment in people should show results in either or both of these.

In Singapore,  Self Leadership International transforms people’s performance and potential by impacting how they think and how they feel about what they do and by assisting the organisation to create a culture that will support the behaviours required for success.

Leadership Development Methodology

There are many approaches to  ‘leadership development.’ but what makes the difference is the methodology.

Self Leadership International’s consulting, training and coaching utilizes learner centered approach (andragogy), that brings awareness to individual values and articulates the appropritate behaviors required to be successful in line with the organization’s vision and mission. Our methodology recognizes the interplay between people and culutre and allows us to facilitate some alignment.

For leadership development to be effective it is necessary to change or create new behaviours and develop potential; it is therefore essential  to consider what meanings the individual or team has about their behaviour/performance, how they feel when performing and what cultural influences support or inhibit performance and potential. Only when these issues are understood can we consider how to encourage mindsets and develop leadership skills.

An example might be that a business wants to encourage its managers to coach their staff to develop the potential. The skills of coaching such as; rapport, listening, asking questions, creating awareness  and co-creating outcomes and action plans can be taught; but will the managers apply these skills if they don’t believe that they have the time to coach, don’t feel confident to coach and don’t get acknowledged for coaching? What if the managers have a mindset that developing people is not as important as delivering business results or believe that if they develop their people their own job is in jeopardy?

We have tools and experience that  identify the hidden forces of culture within an organisation, we can assess the meanings held by individuals or groups in terms of values, beliefs and identity and we can design programs that actualise performance and potential.

Measuring performance requires establishing behavioural benchmarks for each area that you wish to measure. A benchmark takes competency, such as ‘must communicate effectively’ or ‘builds appropriate trust’ and makes it tangible by creating a scale of observable (see, hear, feel) actions.

Self Leadership International has created a number of benchmarks for key leadership competencies; however there is massive value in each organisation going through the process of creating its own benchmarks as this creates buy-in for a new culture.

Whilst based in Singapore, Self Leadership International works throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Please call us for your leadership development needs.


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