Motivation Myths


If you have ever attended a motivational seminar or workshop, you might have experienced that rush of energy that comes with believing that you can achieve your goals, if you only just believe! And then, just a few days later, that buzz has evaporated, like so much air from a punctured beach ball. It’s a new year and we are all motivated to make a change, do things differently in 2015. Maybe you are trying to motivate yourself to get fit, get a promotion or start your own business. Or perhaps you want to motivate your team to strive towards ambitious goals. If you don’t want to end up like the punctured beach ball, then you will need to understand how to create sustainable motivation Read More >>

Trends for 2015

Trends for 2015

Trends for 2015 include: Digital and smart cities, social business, globalization, millennial leaders, more women in leadership, zero time to market, increased transparency and the hyper-connected consumer. Forget looking for existing job competencies.For companies to survive and prosper, they will require a flexible and engaged employees, who can take ownership and respond to change. Attitude and Aptitude will be more important than traditional job competencies, because we need people for roles that don't exist yet! Here's some {advice} on how to develop self leadership for yourself and your teams. Trends for 2015 - Self Leadership Self leadership requires that we develop Read More >>

Why Self Leadership

Self Leadership

"You can't lead others unless you can first lead your 'self'" Self leadership, simply put, is the ability to influence your ‘self’ to achieve your objectives (Bryant & Kazan 2012). Self-leaders exercise personal responsibility (autonomy) and are accountable to the objectives they agree to. Self leadership is, therefore, the most important competency for leaders, employees and entrepreneurs to be successful. Self leadership is driven by clear intention which leads to influence and impact. Self-leaders utilize strategies or rituals, to align their intentions and actions to achieve success. Some of these strategies include: Reflecting on intention to achieve focus Clarifying Read More >>

Are attractive people more successful

Are attractive people more successful

Are attractive people more successful? This is a question asked by Brighton School of Business & Management. Research shows that attractiveness does have a monetary value when it comes to career. Attractive people get more job interviews, get more call backs and are offered higher salaries. But for sustained success, self-esteem has the highest value. How You See Your 'Self' is What Matters Who we are an what we do are inter-related in our perception of self. In Self Leadership, a book I wrote with Dr. Ana Kazan, we explore self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy as different facets of self. Simply put, self-esteem is a measure of how much you value yourself as a human Read More >>

What to look for when booking a motivational speaker

Motivational Speakers

When you plan to book a motivational speaker for an event, it is required to put a forethought, make some advance planning and due diligence. You must be completely aware of the speaker's skills, talent and requirements in order to leave impactful results over the prospective audience. In the fast running world, inspirational speeches, seminars and events tend to make the life of professionals smoother. For any event, which has been organized to boost up the morale, skills or capabilities of the employees or students, motivational speakers are a must have. With years of experience in their respective fields, they are perfect in engaging the audience with their speaking capabilities. Thus, Read More >>

Christmas Story – A Perspective

Christmas story

The decorations are up, Christmas carols are playing in in the supermarkets and it's still November! Christmas is a magical time for children and a money making bonanza for retailers, but have you ever stopped to wonder about the success of the Christmas Story? As a leadership consultant I often help leaders to craft stories for vision, influence and impact. For a story to be influential, it usually builds on existing stories with which the listener is already familiar. The Christmas Story Deconstructed Early Christians appear to have adopted the midwinter festival as a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus to reduce resistance to their new doctrine. Most scholars think it unlikely Read More >>

Leadership Lens – which is right?

Leadership Lens

Any photography enthusiastic understands that, whilst the subject remains the same, the choice of lens will change how it is viewed. What is true for cameras is also true for people, as we all see the world through our own lens of perception and bias. A wide angle lens gives you the 'big picture', whilst other times you will want to 'zoom in' to see detail. To have only one lens would cause you to miss out on so much. Leadership Lens Let me ask you a question; "Do you like to have the data points and build a picture from what you have, or do you prefer to start with a big picture and then work out the details later?" Neither of these approaches are right or wrong, they are both Read More >>

Global Leadership


Global Leadership - the 5 C's Global leadership is the new standard. When companies were just national, you could make it to senior level or even the top with a mix of competence and confidence (of course a few good connections could also help). Today, successful companies are international or global and to be leader requires something extra. Just doing a good job on your home turf is no longer enough, you have to be visible and you have to have impact. For example, a senior manager in India or Indonesia, could be successfully managing thousands of people, meeting targets, but have no visibility in a global organization. On the flip side, an American or European manager may fail to Read More >>

4 Keys to STOP Discounting Yourself


Do you ever underplay or understate your real value? Do you shy away from praise and recognition and say things like, “it was nothing”, or “It’s just my job”? Discounting is a common behavior, but one that is more common in women than men. With confidence and presence being key predictors of success in life and work, discounting is costing you money and your well being. So why do we discount? Usually because somebody or something (parents, siblings, school, friends, boss, media) has done a number on our self-esteem. Self-esteem literally means self-value and if you fail to value your ‘self’ nobody else will. When Coaching or teaching Executive Presence, I often come across Read More >>