About Self Leadership International

Self-leadership methodologySelf Leadership International (SLI) is provider of leadership and people development, consulting, coaching and training.

We partner with our clients to align leadership behaviors with corporate culture to create business results. We specialize in developing leaders creating high performing teams. empowering employees and delivering results.

Self Leadership Methodology & Approach

Our philosophy and methodology is that self-leadership (Bryant & Kazan) is required to lead others; Self-leaders have a drive for autonomy, can make decisions, are more creative and persist, even in the face of adversity. Self-leadership creates self-motivated and engaged leaders who are equipped to work effectively in matrix or global organizations.

SLI commenced business in Australia in the year 2000, and In July 2004 Self Leadership International Pte Ltd was registered in Singapore. We currently work with local and multi-national companies in Singapore, Asia, Malaysia, Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China and Mauritius.

Our satisfied clients include banks, airlines, IT, legal, tourism, communication, construction, insurance, shipping, logistics, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our team is diverse and we have a global network of associates to assist our clients acheive their learning and developent objectives.

We consult on leadership and people development and creating a high performance culture. We conduct coaching, training and facilitate off-sites and strategic sessions.